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Xiao Yaxuan's new song MV released sweet burst full network released sexy voice strength return

Information source: MCwXqsmNx

After breaking the five-year silence, the sexy voice returned warmly, and the Chinese language queen Xiao Yaxuan (Elva) finally announced the release of the new album "Naked Truth" next year at the end of 2019. The first title song "When You Appear With Heartbeat" was officially released on December 20 and immediately became the hottest single. On December 23rd, the music video of the song came on line. Xiao Yaxuan and her boyfriend Justin co-starred together for the first time. The whole story was revealed. The whole music video was warm and moving, which caused a hot discussion on the Internet. It received rave reviews. Elva, who reveals herself, is always at the forefront. "

Among the eager expectations of countless fans, Xiao Yaxuan returned in the most true and natural state, and the MV "When You Appear with Heartbeat" is also presented in a simple and authentic black and white. On the sun-drenched seashore, the sound of the waves rushes into the ears with the music, and the lazy Xiao Yaxuan is more charming than the beautiful scenery. While singing loudly, "When you and the heartbeat appear together, I'm afraid to blink; to make sure this moment is not an illusion, engraved this picture. Yes, just when I am desperate", while showing sweet moments with her boyfriend Huang Hao. Xiao Yaxuan looks like a young girl, exuding a sense of happiness immersed in love, revealing endless tenderness in the eyes of her boyfriend. In her 20-year debut, Xiao Yaxuan's courage in music and her bold pursuit of love has not changed, and she is more confident and brave.

"When You Appear With Heartbeat" MV was co-directed by Xiao Yaxuan and gold director Wu Sheng. It was also the first time Xiao Yaxuan and her boyfriend Huang Hao co-starred. The love between the two in the film overflowed the screen, making netizens shout " Sweet. " Of course, the popularity of the song is not only because of "sweet sugar", but also because it shows Xiao Yaxuan's consistent attitude to excellence in music and his never-disappointing strength. The entire song is full of brisk blues wind from the 1970s, full of high-level sense blending with retro style, no matter the state of voice or control of rhythm, Xiao Yaxuan's strength has never dropped. Elva, who is familiar in memory, is back. She still won't follow the wave, but the difference is that she has become more fashionable and better!

Directed by Elva, this MV has brought double enjoyment of audiovisual to fans who love Chinese music, and it has been well received online. Fans and netizens have said they ca n’t help repeating the loop, and ca n’t wait to hear the entire video. Album. Both critics and fans were deeply conquered by Xiao Yaxuan's strength and gave the song heartfelt praise: "This is why we have always loved her and supported her. Her works are her best musicians. Noon It sounds like a refreshing cup of Latte, and at night it's another cup of warm tea to warm your hands. Who doesn't like to have such warm immersion in the cold winter? "At the same time, all fans also felt Xiao Yaxuan's transformation this time:" This The next time Elva tries to change her inner path, avoiding the sharpness and simplicity, and tells you her love story sweetly, Elva strives to relax herself, the goal is to bring everyone who listens to her into her warmth. "

In the 20 years of entering the world of music, with the ultra-luxury production team to provide fans with a sincere "work of life", bringing the most touching singing and the most charming appearance at the end of 2019, the songs make people feel the most The real Xiao Yaxuan: "After waiting so long, she registered herself as synonymous with fashion, simplicity, happiness, and iron wandering. Elva, who is positive by nature, finally let us see the most authentic performance this time." Even if there is no color. Colorful and gorgeous packaging, Xiao Yaxuan is still synonymous with good music, because the strength will not fade over time: "The first single has already been of high quality, which is completely within our expectations. For the new album, the next The songs that appear are believed to be purely crafted and have their own styles. We can doubt the taste of the market, but we are more willing to believe that Elva's keen tentacles for music, and fashionable Xiao Yaxuan, like her music, will always be at the forefront . "

Source: Qianlong Entertainment

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