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Baby girl was thrown into the traffic and was killed by her mother. Jiangsu people borrowed a knife from the people_Home Society_News Center_ 江 江 _cjn.cn

Baby girl was thrown into the traffic and was killed by her mother. Jiangsu people borrowed a knife from the people_Home Society_News Center_ 江 江 _cjn.cn Touch screen version

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Home Social Search Site Map Settings Home Baby Girl Was Thrown Into The Car Flow And Was Run Over By His Mother Jiangsu People Have Borrowed A Knife 2014-05-02 11:44 I would like to comment on the adjustment of the font (Qianjiang Evening News) Tiger Poison, but still not eating. But in the evening the day before yesterday, a terrible thing happened on the G329 national road in Longshan section of Cixi: my biological mother actually threw two children on the road from car to car. As a result, the 14-month-old baby was hit by a large truck on the spot. He died, and another 6-year-old was rescued by someone else.

What happened then? Why is this woman so crazy? What kind of story is behind it? Before the accident, the woman in red wanted to borrow a knife at the scene of the accident, right in front of Xixiwai Village Bus Station in Longshan, Cixi. Speaking of the evening before yesterday, the locals still booed. Mr. Zhong, who is doing a sticker business on the street, is the kind-hearted man who rescued his 6-year-old son. He restored the scene to the reporter. It happened around 6:15 in the evening. When the clock owner and his wife had dinner, they were preparing to close the shop and go home. As a result, a 40-year-old woman came in, shoulder-length hair, wearing a fuchsia coat, with two children, one hugging, and the other little boy, wearing a green dress, but kept crying. "Master, lend me a knife ..." The woman said to boss Zhong. Boss Zhong was startled. "We have to close the door without a knife." The woman didn't talk much, took the child, and walked towards the intersection. Sure enough, soon someone shouted, "I've done something wrong." Boss Zhong immediately ran over and saw the woman standing in the middle of the two-way four-lane road. The little boy in the green clothes cried louder and louder, and the woman kept pushing him. But the little child he had hugged before was already lying in a pool of blood, with a large truck parked beside it. The truck driver shivered and knelt down the road. Scan the QR code to move the Yangtze River Network

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Daily Online Rotation
Daily Online Rotation

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Flowers and clusters welcome the 19th National Congress

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Wuhan is willing to share your fate

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Foreigners in Wuhan

New Year's Day Light Show

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