U.S. Premium Elk are range fed in the beautiful rolling hills of North Central Missouri. Our herd of animals is meticulously cared for and processed with exceptional concern for food safety and sustainable animal husbandry practices.

Our elk are raised on a primary diet of alfalfa and native prairie grasses. At no time are animals given growth hormones or stimulants, or administered sub-therapeutic antibiotics.

Because of sound management practices, our herd has remained disease free since inception. We take great pride in our ability to create and maintain superior levels of food safety.

  • We track each animal and document every event in its life.
  • To mitigate disease transmission, we have maintained a closed herd for over 8 years. This means that our herd has not been exposed to any outside elk.
  • We utilize artificial insemination to utilize superior genes and broaden the genetic base of our herd.
  • Our herd has been under the continuous care of the same veterinarian since inception.
  • We believe that our meticulous animal husbandry and handling practices results in not only safer, but more flavorful meat.

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