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Last year you are not worthy of me this year

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"Sister Su, I venture to call you, me, I am Zhao Gang ..."

Last week, Ye Gang's ex-boyfriend, Zhao Gang, called me. Gu Wei said that he finally talked about it for a long time. It turned out that he wanted to renew his old relationship with Ye Zi. Let me say something good.

Ye Zi is my former neighbor. She is a special house and has few friends. When you have a mind, come and tell me.

Her boyfriend is a classmate of her university. Upon graduation, she entered a company and worked very hard. We also dealt with in several business occasions.

Ye Zi is the only daughter in the family, and her parents are both civil servants. This daughter is especially fond of her. ,等有了喜欢的工作再说。 She did not rush to work after graduating from college, and her parents followed her, saying that "slow employment " is now popular , and she will wait until she has a favorite job.

But Ye Xie's boyfriend is anxious, and the word that always rubs on his mouth is: A woman, you can't always grow old, right? After marriage, I have to have children, and rely on me alone to raise a family!

After Zhao Gangming said that he had hinted countless times, Ye Zi still did not move. He still got up three shots in the sun, and starlight went dark to sleep.

A year ago, Zhao Gang couldn't wait, and he broke up with Ye Zi.

No matter what leaves begged, he never decided to turn back. He said that now that the pressure of survival is so great, I dare not imagine that one person will bear the burden of supporting the family alone. What I need is a comrade in arms, not a full-time wife.

At that time, Ye Zi's mood was very low. After talking for a few years, his feelings were still deep. Zhao Gang's departure hit her a lot, and she said to me: " Sister, I have to fight for it and live like a look for him to see."


Within a month, she successively submitted resumes to several companies, anxiously waiting for the results, but no response. Ideal is full, the reality is very skinny.

Three months later, there was a company finally, because Ye Ziwen pen smoothly hired her, and arranged for her to write in the marketing department.

Ye Zi graduated from a Chinese major and read a lot of books. This position is very suitable for her. She also cherishes this opportunity and strives to do a good job of each copywriting.

The few times their company's new product was released, it was her copywriting. The novel promotional ideas complemented the exquisite products, and the market response was great.

At the end of the year, Ye Zi received a big red envelope from the company's finance department, and his salary doubled. More importantly, after a year of hard work, she is already a little known in the industry.

:去年您曾经给我公司投过简历,由于岗位一直没有空缺,抱歉到现在才给您回复,希望您能来我们公司报道。 Several headhunting companies dug her for a high salary. The company that she had resumed at the time originally sent her an invitation letter one year later : You have submitted a resume to our company last year. Since there has been no job vacancy, sorry to I'll reply to you now, I hope you can report to our company.

That night, I asked Ye Zi to go to the coffee shop to tell the story, and told her about Zhao Gang by the way. Ye Xie hesitated twice: Sister, he has looked for me several times. I ignored him. He dumped me at the beginning, and now comes to me again. Whatever he wants?

She told me about the invitation letter from that company again. I asked her, how did you reply? Ye Zijiao said proudly, I replied the same sentence to Zhao Gang and this company: Last year, you are not worthy of me this year!

We both laughed. 那个样子,简直美呆。 Ye Zi's face flashed with a confident light, and she looked so beautiful.


Thinking of a message from a reader some time ago: Su Xin, I have been following you for a long time, and I really hope you can give me some suggestions.

I am a full-time wife and my husband wants to divorce me. He says he has no feelings for me. We have known each other for 10 years, we have been married for 4 years, and our children are two and a half years old. I love him very much and want to live with him, but he is determined to divorce me. Now I talk to him and he is unwilling to ignore me. We haven't lived as husband and wife for a year. Even if I take the initiative, he refuses me. I do n’t understand. I ’m gentle, obedient, and virtuous, but he still wants to divorce me. I do n’t know how he can be happy and return his heart to the family? I hope he can treat me better and talk to me. I want a complete home. What should I do?

I did not reply to her immediately. Because, I don't want to say something that can't be comforted, and I don't want to say something that makes her sad. I can only sigh, mourn its misfortune, hate it.

She lowered herself over and over again, into the dust, making herself ashamed and useless. Why not go out and make yourself valuable?

In our country, a full-time wife is considered a high-risk occupation. If a woman always wants to marry a man, she will have a good life and stop trying to improve herself, or sooner or later, the crisis must be buried at a certain junction in fate.

When you spend your earned money, have your own career, and live out your energy, you will be flattered when you bring him a glass of water.



The talented woman Liu Sola, after her divorce, her ex-husband regretted that she wanted to remarry her, and she said hurriedly: line up behind her! Just think about that scene.

Many times, women are always in love, and dream of a white horse prince driving colorful clouds to rescue themselves. Actually, how can there be any Prince of the White Horse, and even if they do, the princess ran away, who would notice a Cinderella without a pumpkin carriage and crystal shoes?

Don't chase a horse, but plant your own grassland. When you are green and the garden is full of spring, are you still worried that no white horse appears?

The hard-working girl has no one to love, and always has a struggling heart, which is the magic weapon for winning love and career.

Hard work is a very valuable thing, it will give you the courage not to be afraid of fate. Flowers will make you journey through life. Will let you have more choices, proudly say "You last year, you are not worthy of me this year!"

It will make the better you, meet the better him, share the wine together, and go hand in hand.

:北国女子专栏作者,流行期刊写手,自媒体人。 Author Su Xin : Northland woman , columnist, popular journal writer, self-media. Galloping the workplace, I also love words, chasing the sun-like days. About the workplace, about life, about marriage, about women, I write my heart. 苏心。 WeChat account: Su Xin. (ID: suxin98498 ) .

Men's "raising" of women is by no means so simple as he is willing to pay you money.

You may not marry a man who supports you, but you must marry a man who "supports" you. The previous one raised you without quotes, and of course you understand that it is the financial ability of men. The next "bringing" is that you are physically and personally incompatible.

Men's "raising" of women is by no means so simple as he is willing to pay you money. He is more thoughtful than you, and can improve your innermost; sometimes you can drill the horns, but he can open your mind.

There is a girl who has no features. I was secretly worried that when she could not marry, they were already married. After another year or two, this humble girl actually had the appearance of "brilliance".

Look at the man next to her, no matter what his appearance and his temperament, you have to be envious. This man has special energy to "raise" a little girl into a little beauty.

This also indirectly answers another question, why some people become beautiful after marriage, while others become ugly.

You have to admit that there is an energy exchange between men and women. Why do we always make friends with the same people? This is because the energy vibration frequencies of each other are similar, and they are attracted to each other.

The man who "brings up" a woman has energy that blends with the girl, and is definitely taller than the girl, and naturally flows from high to low, so that the girl can grow up and the person will naturally become more beautiful.

After a woman marries a man, her body and mood gradually become worse because the man cannot nourish her. Longevity and longevity are not destiny. From the perspective of physical harmony, it is a matter of encouraging one side to "support" the other.

A woman is gorgeous as a flower before marriage, but this flower is very fast after marriage. A three-year marriage almost gave her depression. This man is not "raising" her and is still consuming her. She finally chose to divorce, and soon after she got out, the gloomy energy was swept away, and the flower that was about to wither was gradually revived and bloomed again.

A man who truly "raises" a woman need not bother to understand the man's physical qualities. When two people are in the same space, even if they don't talk, they will naturally and silently circulate each other's love.

Can money be bought for health? Can money be bought for my heart? Can money be bought for harmony?

No, so, if it isn't for nothing, don't try to marry your man with beauty, "raising" your man is the best.

The best marriage is a marriage that "supports" each other physically and mentally, or is sublimated again. It is a marriage that is symmetrical in three aspects, physical and mental.

苏心,专栏作者,流行期刊写手,自媒体人。 Author: Sue heart, columnist in the popular writers, people from the media. Gallop the workplace and love writing. About the workplace, about life, about marriage, about women, I write my heart. WeChat account number: Su Xin (ID: suxin98498).


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