How to cook elk meat

Elk meat is lean, flavorful and low in fat. Cares should be taken to not over cook elk meat. This prevents the meat from drying out and to ensure it is tender and flavorful.

Using your favorite slow cooker recipe for the less tender cuts will result in a delisious meat that you can cut with a fork.

When you Bar-B-Que or pan fry elk meat, sear the meat on high heat to seal in the juices, then continue to cook on lower heat to the desired finish (remember that elk meat continues to cook after you take off the heat, so you don't want to cook it as done as you do beef and other meats.) When cooking elk meat plan for a faster cooking time compared to other meats due to it being a leaner meat.

It is good to massage the meat with either olive oil or canola oil, mixed with the herbs, spices or seasonings of your choice before cooking. This creates a seal over the meat which helps keep moisture in.

Elk Recipes and Cooking Methods

A high temperature method is recommended for elk steaks from tenderloin to rib eye to New York to Top Sirloin in addition to elk patties. In general, high heat time is 7 minutes per inch of thickness with a 4-6 minute stand time prior to serving.

Cooking with Elk
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