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Traditional Chinese Medicine Understanding of Lung Cancer Caused by Fatigue

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As China gradually enters an aging society, the incidence of various tumors is increasing, and the number of cancer patients is increasing. As cancer symptoms are effectively controlled and survival time is prolonged, the quality of life of cancer patients is also increasing. It is valued by doctors and patients. Under the premise that tumor-related pain, vomiting and other symptoms have been effectively controlled, cancer-related fatigue (CRF) has become an important factor affecting the quality of life of cancer patients and has attracted the attention of the medical community. CRF is a type of fatigue, which is related to the objective consumption of the whole body. It is a non-specific, highly subjective, multi-dimensional experience, which includes physical, emotional, and / or cognitive fatigue, and is related to tumors or tumors. Treatment is relevant and not related to recent activities, and interferes with people's normal lives. At present, the causes of CRF are generally considered to have the following five aspects: tumor itself, tumor treatment factors (including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, drug treatment, etc.), comorbidities caused by tumor or tumor treatment (anemia, infection, malnutrition, etc.), Chronic complications (chronic pain, irregular sleep, low immunity, etc.), and emotional factors (anxiety, depression, etc.).

Traditional Chinese Medicine Understanding of Lung Cancer Caused by Fatigue

Traditional Chinese medicine does not have the name of "lung cancer". In terms of symptoms, it is similar to diseases such as "pulmonary volume", "Xi'an", "Xi'an", "Lung", and "Anthrax". For the formation of lung cancer, "Su Wen · "Sick disease theory" said: "Under the threat of disease full of gas upside down, two or three years old, ... the name of the disease and the accumulation of disease." Cup, for a long time, it is cold, hot, coughing, and suffocating. "" The source of miscellaneous diseases and rhinoceros canthus "said:" In the evil product chest, the airway is blocked, the air is not declared, and the sputum is blood. Fighting, evil is victory, and it is impossible to control it, and then it is formed and there is a piece. "" Ji Sheng Fang "said:" Since the Xi Xiu, under the right threat, Fu Da is like a cup ... gasping and overflowing, yes Pulmonary effusion. "" Dong Yi Bao Jian · Anthrax "said:" Those who have gangrene from the inside should be examined for viscera, such as those who are faint and painful in the government, and also have anthrax. "

CRF takes fatigue as its main clinical characteristics, including weakness, general weakness, drowsiness, fatigue, insomnia, inability to concentrate, heavy limbs, slow movement, irritability, and easy to sadness. These symptoms are not completely contained in a separate disease of Chinese medicine. Synthesizing ancient literature similar to "lung cancer", it can be seen that symptoms such as cough, hemoptysis, chest tightness, chest pain, and shortness of breath are more common, and advanced lung cancer belongs to the category of "labour". "Coughing for labor and cough" states: "For those who cough due to exhaustion, the viscera and qi are stagnation, and the lungs are hurt badly. For a long time, it causes a slight pain in the chest and back, or is full of horror, gasping, or coughing saliva These are all viscera and cough, but the lungs control the qi, and the qi and the sacrifice of the lungs, so the cough goes into the lung, "describes the common symptoms of advanced lung cancer, and points out that its pathogenesis is related to the evil injury to the lung. Therefore, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine syndrome analysis, CRF can be classified as the ancient "exhaustion" category, which is also known as degeneration, which is a general term for a variety of chronic weakness syndromes.

Deficiency and tumor are the cause of each other, the pathogenesis is similar, tumors are lingering, the disease is serious, it is easy to form depletion, and depletion can cause pathological products to be difficult to excrete, and the inadequate intake of water valley makes the disease worse. Deficiency can also occur in tumors, especially in the later stages of the tumor, where qi, blood, and fluid are depleted, and sputum and stasis are intertwined, resulting in a mixture of deficiency and solid, and the condition is difficult to heal. Moreover, the exhaustion may heal with the improvement of the condition and the enhancement of the physique, but it will also be repeatedly affected by the change of the condition, which is difficult to heal. However, once a tumor is attacked, it is difficult to cure.

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