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Cao Cao's three famous tragedies, brave and fierce, were killed by Cao Yu one by one

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We all know the history of the Three Kingdoms in the late Han Dynasty. We all know that the first emperor of Wei Shu and Wu Dingli was not Cao Cao, who had crippled the emperor to order the princes, not Liu Bei who started from nothing, and finally counterattacked, nor Sun Quan, who sat in Jiangdong before reaching the weak crown. But Cao Cao, Cao Cao's son. Speaking of Cao Yong, I believe everyone is no stranger. Although his military talent is not as good as his father Cao Cao, as the first emperor of the Three Kingdoms, he managed the martial arts and qualified for seven years in office. However, no one is perfect, no gold is enough, Cao Yu is still a very wonderful emperor behind the excellent side. Why do you say that?

If we read the historical data carefully, we will find that as an emperor, not only was he modest, but he had a very small belly, and he even ignored the overall situation because of personal complaints. For example, when he was a prince, he once borrowed money from Cao Hong, but was refused. After he ascended the throne, regardless of Cao Hong's former minister during Cao Cao, or Cao Cao's life-saving benefactor, he grabbed a small handle and jailed him directly. And even intended to be executed. Eventually, the empress-in-law appeared in person and threatened her daughter-in-law to work together to save Cao Hong's life.

However, few people noticed that in addition to Cao Hong, who was finally spared, Cao Yong had killed a famous general because of a trivial matter after he ascended the throne. The star is not someone else, it is his iron buddy Xiahou Shang. Xia Houshang is Xia Houyuan's nephew. Since Cao Cao's time, he has often traveled with the army. He is one of Cao Wei's eight tiger riders. He not only took the sacrifice from Liu Bei, but also sent troops from the sacrifice. He went west for more than 700 miles and conquered A large number of mountain people are barbaric, and their capabilities are excellent. However, because his wife was Cao Wei's clan, and he had some favors to destroy his wife, Cao Yu ordered his beloved wife to be executed. Soon after, Xiahou Shang, who was too infatuated, died of his illness.

In order to protect the clan woman, he killed a general and his iron buddies. I don't know if he would regret it at midnight, would Cao Yu regret it? Of course, this is not the first time Cao Yu has done this kind of thing because of the short-term protection, which killed the famous generals in his own camp. "Three Kingdoms" quoted "Wei Lue" and said: "The five officials will ask for a number of factors, and get angry:" Jun kill my brother, he bears his face to look at evil! "Embarrassing heart is uneasy, but suicide." Means When Cao Cao sent troops to conquer Wujing, Cao Jing said to Zhang Xiu, "You killed my elder brother. What else is there to live in the world?" After Zhang Xiu heard it, she was upset, so she committed suicide before she reached the front line.

The reason why Cao Yong said so was because Cao Caoqiang occupied Zhang Xiu ’s widow at the beginning of the battle in Wancheng, which caused Zhang Xiu's uneasiness, which led to a surprise attack, and he lost his confidante in the war. The eldest son Cao Ang. Therefore, Cao Yong, who was short, hated Zhang Xiu, and turned over the old account nearly ten years later, scaring Zhang Xiu to death. This matter is still worthless. After all, Zhang Xiu at that time had already reconciled with Cao Cao and became a great general who was heavily supported by Cao Cao. Especially in the war that killed Yuan's family, he contributed so much that he became Cao Cao's commander-in-chief, the Xiliang Iron Rider, was also the weapon of Cao Wei's camp.

Compared to the regrettable Xia Houshang and Zhang Xiu, Cao Weiming, who also died in the hands of Cao Yong, will be banned. There is a lot of controversy. After all, although he has followed Cao Cao for 30 years, he is very favored by Cao Cao. Every time the ancestors conquered, Xiandi acted as an army forward, but also refused. "However, in the battle of Xiangfan, he chose to surrender to Guan Yu. Soon after, he surrendered his knees to Dongwu, and finally Dongwu claimed to Cao Wei. Return to homeland. But his final outcome is still unacceptable-he was mad at Cao Yu.

"Three Kingdoms" records: "The emperor sent Wu to sacrifice Gao Ling in the north. The emperor Yu Yu painted tomb in the tomb house, Guan Yu battled, Pund Shen was angry, forbidden to surrender. Forbidden to see, I am sick." Means After the ban was returned to his native country, Cao Yu planned to send a ambassador to Wu Guo, and went to worship Cao Cao's Gao Ling before leaving. After he was banned in Gao Ling, he saw the mural on the mausoleum, which painted his most humiliating experience, so he again Shame and anger, eventually died of illness.

After analyzing the entire article, we have to admit that Cao Yu is the most wonderful emperor of the Three Kingdoms-he failed to kill an enemy general, but almost killed his own camp's famous Cao Hong, and killed Xia Hou Shang, scared to death Zhang Xiu, mad at the forbidden, believe that the leaders of other camps will probably secretly pray that he will continue to work hard?

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