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In the winter solstice, although the hot pot is good, don't be greedy!

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Original title: Winter Solstice, although the hot pot is good, don't be greedy!

A few days ago I saw a report that a girl under the age of 20 had stomach cancer. Afterwards, she learned that girls usually eat foods such as barbecue and hot pot that have a strong stimulating effect on the stomach and intestines. Doctors analyzed "food" as the main cause of the disease. One.

The weather in Kunming in recent days has become clear and clear with days, but the temperature difference between morning and evening is always accompanied by the slightest coldness. It is such a wonderful time to get together with your family in such weather to have a hot pot that can withstand the cold winter. Enjoyment.

The Chinese have always been particular about changing seasons, and eat seasonally. In the cold winter, eating hot pot with a little bit of wine can speed up blood circulation throughout the body and warm up the body quickly. I do n’t know when it started, this Chinese original cuisine has become a kind of food for all ages.

Many people are happy when eating hot pot, but they are guilty after eating. They are prone to the following symptoms: sore throat, swollen gums, tongue ulcers, mouth ulcers or bleeding, dry mouth and bitterness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, etc., and more Symptoms such as hemorrhoids and blood in the stool may occur, which we call "hot pot syndrome".

There is even more serious, eating hot pot too often may induce gastric cancer, esophageal cancer and oral cancer ... So what should we pay attention to when eating hot pot?

First, pay attention to eat less hot food

The temperature of hot pot soup can generally reach 120 ° C. If you take it out immediately, it is easy to burn the oral, esophagus, and gastric mucosa. Long-term consumption will cause repeated ulcers and hyperplasia of these three mucosa, eventually causing cancer. Therefore, it is recommended not to worry about eating hot pot, you can cool the food in a bowl before eating.

2. Be careful not to eat raw or semi-cooked food

Many foods contain pathogenic microorganisms and parasite egg residues (including H. pylori). Only cooked food can effectively kill them, thereby avoiding diseases such as digestive tract and intestinal parasites. It is suggested that people would rather sacrifice some taste and also cook the food thoroughly before eating.

Third, pay attention to light base, drink less old soup

As far as possible, use the original broth such as chicken broth and lamb broth instead of the so-called hot pot base. Some spicy and seductive bases actually contain many chemical additives, which are really "health killers". Therefore, people with chronic pharyngitis, gastroenteritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, skin disease, hemorrhoids and other diseases should choose a lighter hot pot; children and the elderly are weak, and should choose a tonic with a higher calcium content Thick soup hot pot;

Drinking hot pot soup is also a very pleasant thing, but can you drink it? It is best to drink soup before serving other dishes. The longer the hot pot is cooked, the more harmful substances the soup contains, such as the higher the nitrite content. Note that the seasoning should also be light, to avoid gastrointestinal irritation to reduce "hot air".

Fourth, pay attention to distinguish "eat or not"

Eat: Put more vegetables in the hot pot. Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and chlorophyll. They are mostly cold and cold, which not only eliminates greasiness and supplements the lack of vitamins in the human body, but also has the effects of cooling, detoxification and de-fire. Do not cook for a long time. Putting some tofu can not only supplement the intake of various trace elements, but also play the role of gypsum in clearing heat and purging fire, removing annoyance and quenching thirst.

Do not eat: patients with gout and chronic gastritis should eat less fungus or seafood hot pot. Animal organs should be eaten as little as possible, especially the liver and lungs. These two types of organs contain the most microorganisms, which is greatly detrimental to human health! Another patient who is prone to induce pancreatitis is cautious.

In the middle of winter, although the hot pot is delicious, don't be greedy!

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