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4 very dangerous phenomena during pregnancy. Please seek medical treatment in time if you encounter them.

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I often hear elderly people say that pregnant women can now be "squeamish" and become "queens" after pregnancy, and some even have to do this for their families. I was almost giving birth that year, and I was still working in the field ...

Indeed, people who used to work often had great flexibility and health. People move less now and their body functions are not good enough. And environmental pollution causes many problems. Therefore, pregnant women are now more coquettish.

However, pregnant women nowadays are not lacking. My sister was pregnant with me at the time. She was almost 8 years older than me and was almost 38 at birth.

But there is a lot of work at home. They sell tofu at home. They have to get up early every day to make tofu. They also have to ride electric street cars to sell tofu. According to her description: Sometimes she is making tofu, and a bloodstream flows out, and she has to use sanitary napkins for a long time. It was accompanied by stomach pain. After the first three months, there is no bleeding, but the work is too tired, the workload is no different from that before pregnancy, and sometimes it is too tired to die, and the stomach hurts a lot. But I haven't been to the hospital. I only took color ultrasound when my baby was over 6 months old. Then it was produced.

During pregnancy, I have repeatedly advised my sister to go to the hospital, but she did not take it seriously. Finally gave birth to a healthy and lovely female treasure. But not every woman's body is like my sister's. She works hard for a long time and is as strong as her body. If the following situations occur, you must pay attention to them and seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

1 vaginal bleeding

If you bleed once or twice without abdominal pain, don't be nervous. It may be that there is no drainage during menstruation, and the uterus changes during pregnancy and re-exhausted.

If there is a small amount of intermittent bleeding without abdominal pain, it may be a threatened abortion. Need to observe at home. Don't be overly nervous. This will happen in the first three months.

If you bleed too much, more than during menstruation, and a blood clot appears, then you are in trouble. You need to lie flat and get medical attention. In addition, remember your bleeding volume, blood color (can take photos), bleeding time, collect blood clots, and take them to the hospital for diagnosis.

2 fever

Fever is not a trivial matter, it is a common teratogenic factor. If a pregnant woman becomes feverish due to an infection, it will be passed to the child through the placenta, which requires special attention.

We said before that it is best to get a flu shot before pregnancy, because common flu can easily cause fever and infection. Vaccination can reduce the probability of infection. In addition to this, you need to pay attention to prevention. Go to places with fewer people and wash your hands frequently. Do not take a sauna. It is also easy to raise body temperature and affect the fetus.

3 Drama

Morning sickness is common, but if you have too much vomiting and can't even eat it, you should seek medical attention.

Because of severe vomiting, nutritional hand washing is affected, causing blood pressure to drop and electrolyte disturbances. No matter how serious, it will affect your baby's normal development. At this time, the pregnant mother needs to go to the hospital to replenish some nutrient solution.

4 abdominal pain

Abdominal pain requires vigilance against ectopic pregnancy and threatened abortion. This kind of abdominal pain occurs mostly in the first trimester. Especially the lower abdomen.

If you have abdominal pain, you must seek medical treatment in a timely manner. Don't stand up. Safety first.

After pregnancy, some pregnant women are strong and some are weak. Don't compare with others. If you have abdominal pain, severe pain, fever, or bleeding, you must seek medical treatment in time. Don't be blindly confident and ignore physical signals.

Welcome to [Bao Ma's Anxiety Station]. You can find scientific preparations for pregnancy, pregnancy care, postpartum care, parent-child relationship, family education, etc. here.

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