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Han River Tour | Junzhou Food Culture

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Text | Deng Long

The Han River rushes out of Luzuka Mountain at the western end of Qinba Mountain, flows through the two provinces of Shaanxi and Hubei, and has a total length of more than 3,000 miles and a basin area of 160,000 square kilometers. Yijiang Qingshui brings colorful scenery and gourmet culture along the coast, forming a distinct history and culture, rich regional specialties, and diverse characteristics and deliciousness in different areas along the route.

The Danjiangkou area, which is located in the upper and middle reaches of the Han River, also has its own unique advantages, which are difficult to carry in general areas. Danjiangkou is located at the junction of Hubei and Henan provinces, backed by Wudang Mountain, facing Danjiangkou Reservoir, with mountains and water, mainly dry land, but also paddy fields. Therefore, the daily staple food of local people is mainly pasta and rice. The difference between the characteristics of staple food and the daily life in the north is mainly pasta and rice in the south. This kind of tolerance is a big eating habits, which fully reflects the profound accumulation of humanities and products in Danjiangkou area. In such a beautiful and rich land, there must be many unique foods waiting for us to discover and taste.

Pot out (also known as floating on water)

Guo Chuo Liu is a famous pastry snack spread in Lao Junzhou. It is delicious and has many eaters. In Junzhou, from the officials to the people, they all like it. Laojunzhou is now Danjiangkou City. At the hotels and restaurants in Danjiangkou, you can taste a special snack-"pot out", which has become a business card of this small town.

Origin: At the end of the Western Han Dynasty, the world was in chaos and the people were not talking. The rebels headed by Liu Xiu and the new Mangguan army stalemate. After a defeat, Wang Mang chased Liu Xiu closely, and Liu Xiu fled to a small village in Junzhou and passed out. When he woke up, he found that he was lying on a bed in a farmhouse. The simple old couple in the countryside saw that he was awake, and the peasant woman made a pot of rice for him. Hundreds of bones were soothing, and they ate a bowl alone. Later, Liu Xiu established the Eastern Han Dynasty. He did not forget "the pot of rice." He specially ordered the chef to go to Junzhou to learn his practice. Because it was called "illness rice" and the name was not good, he followed the method of slipping out of the pot. Call it "pot out slip". The production method of "pot out slip" was brought back to Kyoto and spread immediately. It became a famous dish in Luoyang.

Why is it called floating on water? Here is a paragraph, about 19 years ago, Danjiangkou City came with a mayor of Guo. The name of this snack was also hidden, and was renamed "floating on the water" by some good people. Floating on the water is literally more elegant and more in line with the requirements of a modern civilized society, but it has made the diners in Laojunzhou incredible. I really admire the creative ingenuity of those who are good. If this wisdom is used in work, it can also benefit the people. The mayor stayed at Danjiangkou for ten years, and he righted from second to first. Ten years later, all the way to the province, the delivery room spread the good news-rose. Not long after that, the pot came out and restored its original name.

Production: Prepare an appropriate amount of noodles and water, stir into a paste, and stick a little; fry in a pan with pancakes and shred with a shovel. Place the water in the pan, cook, and add green onion, sesame oil, and salt.

Fire Burning Salamander (also known as Pot Helmet Salamander)

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