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The acting blasted the scene! Liu Tao shouted angrily: "Kill him!"

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The most important thing for an actor is acting skills. Good acting skills will substitute you into the storyline. His joys and sorrows will become your joys and sorrows. Some powerful actors can be called classics. In addition to the following examples, what else do you know? Crying of Sun Yan

Sun Zhen plays Zhen Zhen in "Biography of Zhen Yan". In this play, she has many classic crying scenes, she lost her child, and feels sad; the death of King Guo County is full of sorrow; the emperor crashed, thoughts and so on. What I want to say today is that Shen Meizhuang, who was affectionate with her, died due to dystocia after giving birth. After being aware of the news of Shen Meizhuang's death, Zhen Huan was deeply saddened, hard to cover her heart, and burst into tears. Like the loss of a close sister, this sorrow was vividly interpreted by Sun Wei, tears could not stop flowing, and his legs were also unstable. He remembered the bits and pieces together before his death. The yin and yang are in sharp contrast.

In the beginning, Sun Ying's cry was silent, with heartache and incredible. Later, when she accepted the reality, she could not help seeing Shen Meizhuang in the future. Her crying is extremely expressive, real, and just right, which makes the audience ’s emotions sad, and her acting skills are evident. Zhang Zifeng's smile

People who have read "Chinatown Detective" have been frightened by the "last smile", and the editor is really taken aback. The ending guide tells us that the Sinor played by Zhang Zifeng is the real murderer. She always looked at the innocent little girl, and finally found that she was the darkest.

Although it was a simple laugh, she laughed and made you feel like a winner's smile, proud, thriller, and a lot of disdain. Sometimes the simpler things are the more testable and the harder it is to do well. Therefore, Zhang Zifeng's smile is not simple.

Liu Tao's anger

In Tao Yue Biography, Liu Tao plays the role of 芈 姝, marries Qin Guo, and later becomes Huihou. Once banquet to all the ministers, the son of the son Hua rebelled, led the soldiers to attack the lobby, and assassinated Shu Hou to recover. He was terrified and shouted at the son of Hua directly: "Hurry up! Kill him! The expression is too distorted. In fact, the editor said this line is a bit inexplicably funny, but I still admire Liu Tao ’s acting skills. In a very urgent situation, I ca n’t care about so much, the image is good, No matter the language.

In a hurry, it is supposed to be such a reaction. The subtleties of the performance are the places that people cannot easily think of and ignore. From these lines, we can see that I was anxious, frightened, and angry. The acting skills are subtle, real and unpretentious, this impatient and destructive interpretation is the most suitable.

Zhou Xun's charm

The fox demon Xiao Wei, played by Zhou Xun in the film "Painted Skin", is a beautiful person, and men are not overwhelmed. She is not attracted to men by saying "Come ~ Come ~" or by wearing thin clothes, but the charm of the bones, the charm of confidence.

There is no deliberate arousal, no sloppy words, a pair of eyes can speak, you can wink, you will think she is Xiao Wei. The so-called acting is like what, Gao Zhan's acting skills will make you feel that this role is born for a person, her every move is so reasonable.

What memorable classic moments do you have in the movie? What superb acting skills make you feel incredible? Let's talk together!

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